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Polypropylene Folders

Marchio Limited are Printers and Manufacturers of Custom Made and Printed Polypropylene Folders.

Polypropylene is a rigid material available in different colours and thicknesses and has many Branding options, so is an ideal material for Folders.

At Marchio Limited we are specialist in Polypropylene Folders and have in house Designing, Printing and Manufacturing so all aspects of your Polypropylene Folders project can be fully managed under our Factory Roof,

We have many different Polypropylene Folders designs and tooling in stock which enables us to offer potential clients more options and unique styles.

Polypropylene Folders are available in different thicknesses such as 480 microns, 500 microns, 750 microns, 800 microns, 1150 microns, 1200 microns and 1800 microns. Polypropylene Folders which have a smaller capacity, so holding minimal sheets would use a 500 microns thickness where as Polypropylene Folders with a Larger Capacity would use 800 microns or 1200 microns thicknesses. 1800 microns thickness Polypropylene is generally only used for Large Capacity Ring Binders.

Polypropylene Folders can be branded in many different ways, such as Litho Printing, Screen Printing, Foil Blocking, De-Bossing and Spot UV Varnishing. This gives Designers no Graphical Restrictions when designing Artwork for Polypropylene Folders.

Polypropylene Folders can be Designed to Incorporate different capacity Pockets, Business Card Holders, Ring Mechanisms, Notepads, Pen Loops, Press Fastening Closures and Multi Creased Spines. 

If you would like more information on Polypropylene Folders please do get in touch with our Friendly Sales Team to discuss your Project.

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